7 Steps to Restaurant Mobile App Development +Cost

One way to achieve great results, increase awareness of your restaurant, and make your business more competitive is through software development. Ashish Sudra is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at iCoderz Solutions. He has over 15 years of experience in the information technology and https://globalcloudteam.com/ services industry. He is skilled in Digital Marketing, ASO, User Experience and SaaS Product Consulting. He is an expert Business Consultant helping startups and SMEs with Food and Restaurant Delivery Solutions. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible, in case of any queries.

  • After confirming the order is correct, customers can tap “Checkout” a second time to move on to payment.
  • You might also need to consider adding the feature to write and show reviews, photos, view menus and get detailed directions to the restaurants.
  • The Capital Grill’s app has a pretty intriguing and promising name – Virtual Concierge.
  • Being a well-known mobile app development company, we suggest you consider developing a restaurant app for your business as an owner.
  • Make a restaurant app able to entertain your clients (not just “feed” them).
  • Typically, apps will not be used on laptops or desktop computers.

If you have an in-house team for software development, your tech stack will depend on the expertise they offer. If the team is nascent and still lacks experience, you might choose the tech stack and app type that meets the requirements. You can hire a dedicated developer that meets the app goals if you have more budget to add resources to the team. Security should be core to development if you are planning it for multiple operating systems or want to use native development services.

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You probably can remember a time or two when you were ready to make an order in a restaurant, but the waiter was nowhere to be found. The call a waiter option can solve the problem for your establishment. By scanning a QR code, customers send a push notification to the waiter’s smartphone and shorten the wait time. Enabling customers to pay in your restaurant with their preferred payment method improves customer experience and leads to higher loyalty. Around 64% of customers prefer to order food delivery through an online app or a website.

how to make a restaurant app

And remember, many users would like to track the order and have the option to abandon it. On the contrary, you’ll be able to identify your weak points and solve the problem, which will positively affect your business. And an application belongs to these advantages – it’s an effective tool to attract new clients to your establishment.


On paper, the mobile app market is more robust than ever considering billions of smartphone owners across the world have access to millions of apps in the App Store and Google Play. Restaurant app competition is high which requires you always make sure yours stands out among the rest. Involve a unique, sleek design, user-friendly navigation functions, and customization features to accommodate your users’ needs. The below functionality will help you create an app with basic functionality or more advanced features to stand out among competing solutions.

how to make a restaurant app

It’s a customized message that pops up on your screen even when you’re not using the app. Working hours (don’t forget to mention a delivery service, if you have one and its working hours are different). Implement adjustments and enhancements in response to user feedback, prepare to introduce new features, publish it, and then review user feedback once more. Update security standards and make sure your software is optimised for the most recent versions of iOS and Android. In terms of the time and money invested, the development must be efficient. The latest technological advancements in the foodservice industry have made this industry more integrated and digitised.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App in 2021

It allows potential diners to decide on their meal before they reach the restaurant. Aside from the address, store hours and other basic info, some restaurants turning to mobile apps have found success by including a brief history or ‘About’ section in their app. Today, restaurant restaurant app builder owners who are late to launch a food ordering and delivery app are most likely to suffer a huge loss in the next months. Investing in a restaurant app is not only a sound investment but also a smart decision, especially with recurrent lockdown due to the pandemic.

Make sure you don’t sacrifice anything when designing the app. It is advisable to build a prototype before hiring professionals to develop your mobile app. Finally, having a restaurant app will set you apart from the competition in terms of digital advertising. Many restaurants still rely on outdated marketing strategies, so if you modernise yours, you will have an advantage over all of your competitors.

Our Expertise In Restaurant App Development

Add features such as push notifications, restaurant categories, and photo galleries. Customers can book a table at an eatery and make mobile payments. Customers can also order food beforehand to eliminate any waiting time. The Order Ahead app allows guests to place their orders before they arrive, whether they plan to dine in or pick up a takeaway order.

how to make a restaurant app

Use keyword research tools to identify the key phrases that can attract the audience to your restaurant mobile app. Before launching the mobile app to the respective store, you should be convinced about its potential. It should meet the speed and performance requirements specified by your business goals. If your target audience demands high-definition applications, you should be producing the same. For the right food ordering app development, you should know to follow several steps, including validating the restaurant food app idea. Let’s discuss the top steps you should follow to develop the restaurant app.

Benefits Of A Restaurant App

Sign up for a free trial with UpMenu, the restaurant app maker, explicitly designed for the restaurant industry. Our mission at iosapptemplates.com is to help iOS developers and entrepreneurs launch their own native iOS apps with minimum effort and cost, but with maximum speed. For small business owners looking to gain more autonomy in the delivery space, building an individualized app can be a godsend.

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